Article I – Name 

Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be the River City Pickleball Club.

Article II – Purpose / Mission Statement

Section 1.  To provide a fun, healthy, recreational and competitive social activity in a structured 

     setting which fosters friendship and camaraderie for all and by doing so helps to grow the 

     sport of pickleball in Owensboro and Daviess County, Kentucky.

Article III – Membership


Section 1.  Anyone fifteen (15) years of age and older is eligible for membership.

Section 2.  Minor children under the age of fifteen (15) may be included on the Club membership of their parent(s) or grandparent(s).

Section 3.  Members will abide by these bylaws and actively support Club functions. 

Section 4.  Membership will be terminated by voluntary withdrawal, non-payment of dues or 

     assessments, violation of the provisions of these bylaws, or violation of published rules, 

     guidelines and regulations promulgated for and by the Club. 

Section 5.  Membership privileges include but are not limited to the following: designated 

     member-only playing time at courts secured by the Club for Club use; opportunities to 

     participate in Club-sponsored leagues and tournaments, clinics and trainings, and special

     events; attendance at Club meetings; voting rights at Club meetings which require action be 

     taken by all members; Club communiques, and the optional purchase of Club merchandise.


Article IV – Dues & Assessments

Section 1.  An annual dues payment of $25.00 for an individual or $45.00 for a couple shall be   

     required to be eligible for participation as a member of this Club. The membership may agree 

     to other assessments, including fees to cover maintenance or equipment replacement needs, 

     court rental, leagues and tournaments, and clinics and trainings.

Section 2.  Children under the age of fifteen (15) may be included on the individual or couple membership of their parent(s) or grandparent(s) at the added annual cost of $5.00 per child.

Section 3.  Current/Renewing members are expected to have their annual dues paid on or before 

     January 31 of Club’s current fiscal year.

Section 4.  Those who join the Club any time after July 1 will be required to pay half of the 

     normal cost of the annual dues rather than the full amount shown in Article IV, Sections 1.

Section 5.  There may be fees assessed to members for participation in any in-house leagues 

     and tournaments specifically intended for Club members only. 

Section 6.  Club member participation in sanctioned USAPA tournaments, as well as in non-

     sanctioned tournaments, those hosted by this Club and those hosted by other clubs, is 


Article V – Board of Directors and their Duties


Section 1.  The elective board of directors of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice

President, Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) directors at-large members. Any active member of the Club is eligible for the eight (8) board positions, however it is deemed necessary that at the very least either the President or Vice President be a year-round resident of Daviess County. The eight seated board members shall determine the officers and at-large directors.

Section 2.  Terms of office shall be two (2) fiscal years, from January 1 through December 31, 

     following election to the board. 

Section 3.  Four directors shall be elected by the Club membership in even-numbered years and  

     four directors shall also be elected in odd-numbered years, starting with the 2020 election.

Section 4.  All seated board members are eligible for re-election.  There is no limit to the 

     number of terms a Club member may serve on the board of directors. 

Section 5.  Vacancies in any board position may be filled by the President however these   

appointments must be ratified by a majority of directors present at the next scheduled board of directors meeting, following said appointment.

Section 6.  Duties of board members: 

  1. President: Shall preside at all meetings, appoint chairs of committees, call special meetings as needed, and generally be the spokesperson for the Club. He/she shall be responsible for the coordination of the program with the officials of other organizations and pickleball clubs as necessary. He/she shall also be responsible for issuing member-approved guidelines and rules (in the form of a member handbook) which address regulations, safety procedures and other pertinent Club requirements not specifically covered in these bylaws. 

  2. Vice President: Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she shall also chair the Membership Committee, provide oversight of the Club member player rating/skill evaluation process, and generally assist in all Club functions as necessary. 

  3. Secretary: Shall take and maintain the minutes of Club meetings, create and maintain a  Club roster/mailing list, issue prior meeting minutes and the agenda to all members in advance of upcoming Club meetings, and notify members of all Club events and activities through social media, email, and printed material, as directed by the President.                              

  4. Treasurer: Shall monitor dues and assessments by maintaining accurate accounting records, deposit and disburse all Club funds as directed by the Board following generally accepted accounting procedures and provide a written financial report at each Club meeting. 

  5. At-Large Directors: Shall be assigned leadership roles within the organization, based on the skills and abilities of those serving in this capacity and the needs of the Club. 


Article VI – Meetings

Section 1.  There shall be a minimum of six (6) board meetings per year, with dates and times   

     determined by current needs. An annual meeting shall be one (1) of the mandatory meetings.

Section 2.  Special meetings may be called by the Club’s President or upon the request of at 

     least five (5) members. Such meetings shall have at least five (5) days advanced notice given 

     to members regarding time, place and agenda.

Section 3.  An annual meeting shall be held within the last quarter of each calendar year, for the 

     purpose of electing officers, providing an assessment of the state of the Club, reviewing 

     finances, and general planning for the coming year’s activities.  Club members will be given

     thirty (30) days advanced notice as to the date, time, and location of the annual meeting.

Section 4.  A quorum at a board meeting shall consist of at least four (4) board members and a 

     quorum at the annual meeting shall consist of twenty percent (20%) of the Club membership. Section 5.  A majority shall consist of one more than half of those voting members present at a 

     any Club meeting.


Article VII – Committees

Section 1.  A Membership Committee shall meet no fewer than three (3) times each year to 

     discuss opportunities to grow Club membership, enhance the member experience, and plan 

     Club member social events and activities.

Section 2.  A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President at least forty-five (45) 

     days prior to the annual meeting. This committee shall consist of three (3) members who are 

     charged with presenting a slate of board candidates to the Club membership for the coming 

     year at least fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting. This slate shall be adequately 

     communicated to the Club’s membership through the Secretary.  Paper ballots shall be used to 

     elect board members when the vote is taken at the annual meeting. 

Section 3.  The President may appoint other special committees and task forces as needed. These 

may pertain to leagues, tournaments, clinics/instruction, fund raising, special events, web page design and maintenance, rules, player safety, equipment, etc.  In some instances, specific duties may be delegated by the President and/or by the by the full board to an interested and capable individual rather than the formation of a committee or task force. 


Article VIII – Fiscal Year

 Section 1.  The fiscal year of the Club shall start the first day of January and shall end the last 

     day of December; the calendar year.  


Article IX – Amendments

Section 1.  These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the members in 

     attendance at a Club meeting, after an explanation and discussion of the proposed changes. 

Article X – Dissolution


Section 1.  On dissolution of the Club, any and all funds in the treasury shall be distributed to 

     the non-profit organization(s) determined by the Club membership.

Section 2.  Equipment loaned to the Club shall be returned to the lender. 

Section 3.  Equipment either purchased by or donated to the Club shall be given, entirely or in 

     part, to other organizations identified by the Club membership. 


These bylaws were adopted and approved by the River City Pickleball Club Board of Directors on March 27, 2019 and last amended at the annual member meeting held on October 17, 2020.